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The Murder Gene by Mark Nosack – BookWise Publishing

The Murder Gene by Mark Nosack

JAKE BARKLEY Is a police detective for the Sandy Police Department which is located in the southeast corner of Salt Lake County, Utah.

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 JAKE BARKLEY Is a police detective for the Sandy Police Department which is located in the southeast corner of Salt Lake County, Utah.  Jake is probably the saddest man on the face of the Earth having lost his beautiful wife, Susan, to cancer and his twin brother, Jack, to drugs.  In The Murder Gene:  You Always Kill the Ones You Love; Jake catches a murder case that includes family craziness, sadness, and psychotic twins.

Like every case Jake has ever worked on, he tries to prove the truth behind the murder of 56 year old GLADYS PARRA.  The problem is that there are too many cards stacked against him.

Jake thinks that his primary bandit, twenty six year old ENRIQUE PARRA, is the probable murderer when he finds Ricky the morning after the murder with scratches all over his face.  Then he learns that Enrique’s twin sister, TERESA, is actually his twin brother who was brutally damaged at the time of circumcision.  The DNA just flew out the window. Damnit, can’t a guy ever catch a break?

Detective Jake Barkley and his partner, DAVEY KANTOR, end up chasing Enrique and Teresa until their lungs begin to burst.  Have you ever seen lungs burst?  It ain’t pretty.

Enrique has a tumultuous history with death and destruction.  He is obsessed with his girlfriend and that obsession would eventually prove deadly.  He eventually kidnaps the girlfriend and harbors her in a remote location that requires Jake to jump over tall buildings.

Jake works at controlling his grief and focuses all of his attention on the important aspects of the case at hand.  Will he be successful?  Maybe.  With a strong support group and an even stronger internal determination, he will start to heal.  One day at a time, Jake.

Jake gets sidetracked along the way helping a kid who is hospitalized.  He gets sidetracked on a sad case of a deputy who lost his entire family.  Jake gets sidetracked when presented with the rape of a young girl.  He never loses sight of his goal to solve Gladys’ murder.  But damn, when will he ever have a moment to breathe.

The Murder Gene is a tale about a detective who is in the midst of personal tragedy.  It is a tale about a detective who is forced to reflect on everything that was good in his world and everything that crushed his heart.  It is a tale about resiliency and hope.

The Murder Gene is a story like nothing you have ever read.


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