What’s Happening?

What’s Happening?

Currently I am working on the revision of two cookbooks BWP began back in 2008.

It was December 1st and I was at my computer with my friend and author, Nancy Miles, when she noticed two uniformed officers coming to my door. I thought, Uh oh…

For those of you who don’t know the story, that was the day that my sweetheart and husband, Al Christoffersen, died in his UPS truck on his way to work.

Prior to that I had been working 60 to 80 hours a week, it seemed, trying to get the books for 100 new authors off the ground. One of our founders had asked me several months before if I could do it.  I said I could. I am a producer. That’s what I do. I start jobs and I finish them. And I surround myself with amazing people who make me look really good while I’m doing it.

In Good TasteThe book cover I was working on was for Nancy J. MilesIn Good Taste: Create Your Own Family History Cookbook. A bit of a new twist. She sold all 3000 copies and became our first success story.

But 160 others, to date, have followed. And there have been all kinds of books…from a bathtub books attached to cool toothbrushes (Brush Baby Brush) to dozens of self-help books, novels, histories, you name it. We have taken on them all.

The problem has been my heart has not been in it until recently when I was finally able to dig myself out of the hole I had found. With it, I found some wonderful people who are actually EXCITED to be doing books! Read about them on the About Us page and you’ll see what I mean.

Chef Shawn BücherI mentioned two authors revising their cookbooks—the second is one of the most wonderful young men you could ever meet—a talented chef and the creator of the menu for the national chain of Winger’s Restaurants, Chef Shawn Bucher. He has sold all of the 5000 that he printed and is continually getting orders for more.

So when I ask you if you have a book in you, you may not even know it, but you do.

Oh, and BTW, we don’t just do books…

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