Latest Release: Origins by Lee R. Hadley

Latest Release: Origins by Lee R. Hadley

We live in a world laced with constant threats and the horrid realities of shocking headlines. Terrorism has changed the fabric of every culture on our globe. Missing nuclear warheads left over from the cold war could still be hidden up, waiting for detonation. North Korea has nuclear missiles. When and how might they be used? Many believe that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. When might they go online, and what nation(s) could be their target(s)?

Origins, the first book in The Towers Series, reveals a string of historical events which elicits reasonable fears in the cultures of our time. Fictitious characters are woven into the past in acts of bravery and despicable malice. A descendant of the leader of the largest
contiguous world empire has cast his own destiny. His Al-Qadar is revealed in revenge, aggression, and visions of his world-wide empire. His international network of secret supporters, bent on creating chaos, evolves from history to create the largest disruption ever known to man.

Origins is a story that includes a complex set of characters with intricate agendas. The disparate cast moves in unrelated spheres of existence without anticipating the confluence of their lives. Forces of nature, acts of terrorism, espionage, the passion of personal pursuits, and the bonds of love funnel them into a single event that transcends all known possibilities.

Appealing to men and women of all ages, each will find Origins, the first book in The Towers Series, a stimulating and interesting adventure. Despair and Providence are the second and third books of The Towers Series. As the purpose and actions of the personalities develop they create and epoch filled with intriguing struggles and wrenching
tensions. Jihad, the Crusades, religious jealousies, women’s issues, cutting edge science, and apocalyptic drama enjoin elements of fascination that will keep you turning the pages in this fictional thrill-ride which ends in a cataclysm that opens a path into a future beyond your wildest dreams.

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