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Many authors are choosing this route because they can get a professionally edited manuscript, have more input about their cover design and interior formatting, retain the rights to their book, and work at their own pace. Also, it’s not unusual for a self-published book to attract the attention of an agent or an editor/publisher and go on to be picked up by a larger traditional publishing house. This is what happened to Richard Paul Evans with his #1 bestseller The Christmas Box. OUR MISSION:  Our goal at BWP is to provide you with a professionally edited and designed book that DOES NOT LOOK SELF-PUBLISHED—for an affordable price. Our producers are here to coach you and help you accomplish your goals, keep you on track to finishing your book, and motivate you with timelines, deadlines, and assignments, etc. These are the first steps:

  1. 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION: BWP offers a free 10-page edit and 30 minutes of consulting at no charge if you want to discuss your book or media project. We can help. That’s what we do!
  2. NETWORKING:  Start simple. You may even start with just a blog about your plans to write a book. Ask friends and family help you choose a title. Start getting feedback now. It will motivate you and keep you on track so you don’t forget you need to work a little on it every week, if not every day. Make a plan. And keep all of your friends and family emails! And their friends ad families too!
  3. ELEVATOR PITCH: We will help you create your 30 or 60 second pitch so you can be prepared to talk to people about your book.
  4. MANUSCRIPT: If you have not completed your manuscript, finish it. If you need help writing, we can recommend various writers’ workshops or coaching sessions with other professional, published writers to help you make a breakthrough. We even have several ghostwriters who are very talented and are able to write in “your voice” if you need someone else’s help writing your ideas. They work on an hourly rate of $50 per hour or they may negotiate a budget with you.
  5. FUNDING IDEAS: Your BWP producer can review some fundraising ideas to help you with your budget, including how to use crowdsourcing or approach an Angel Donor.
  6. EDITING:  Your $500 editing retainer covers 10 hours of editing. Once you have used that, the rate is either $2 to $2.50 per page or $60 per hour for the remainder of the book—whichever is less. Sometimes a manuscript is so clean, the hourly rate is more affordable. If you are self-publishing we recommend three rounds of editing, similar to a traditional publisher: content editing, line editing, and a final proofread and final edit in the design.
  7. DESIGN: You may begin on the design even before you finish with the editing process. If you have an idea of what you want your book to look like and are fairly certain of the finished title, BWP will create a front cover design you can use on your Facebook and other social networking sites to build excitement. We highly recommend this. Our designers are competent and will not waste your money—a beautiful, professionally designed cover will definitely help with your book sales.  It’s helpful to your designer if you do a little research and find some existing book covers that are similar to the look and style you’d like for your book.  The minimum retainer for your cover design is $500 (for up to 10 hours).  We can even create a few dummy pages of the interior layout as well so that can be approved ahead of time. Additional hours are billed at $60 per hour.
  8. ADVANCE MARKETING: Once your book cover is ready, you can use social networking to begin getting the word out and create a “buzz” for pre-sales.  Create a website and blog and begin collecting emails and addresses today! Flyers or bookmarks are a fun way to do a little “teaser” prior to release.  Have a “launch party,” even if it’s only online. See our Marketing Tools page for many more details.
  9. COPYRIGHT AND OWNERSHIP:  You own your book—BWP provides you an ISBN, barcode, and registration with the Library of Congress (for $100 for each book) but it is YOUR book. We collect no royalties.
  10. E-BOOK:  Once your cover design and interior are complete, we will help you to create e-versions for iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. so you can begin selling your book. You will set up your own accounts with these entities so your sales royalties will go directly to you.
  11. PRINTING / PRINT ON DEMAND:  Our book producers will walk you through the steps and costs to have your book printed, using traditional printers and/or print-on-demand with KDP (formerly CreateSpace), Barnes & Noble POD, or Ingram Spark. The POD folks are so good now that you cannot tell their books from one you’d get from a big press—they are beautiful; plus you don’t have to store them in your garage. Another perk to POD is that there are no upfront printing costs.  If, however, you prefer to print a larger quantity of your book, BWP will solicit bids and find the most affordable printer, hopefully within your budget. Various printing methods can save money and we can educate you about the options. You may (or may not) use the BookWise Publishing logo on your book—that’s your choice.
  12. MARKETING: Check out our Marketing Tools page for a variety of ideas to fit your budget.
  13. WHAT’S NEXT?:  We hope you’re already writing your next book. No publisher wants a one-hit wonder and chances are, you have a lot more books in you. BWP loves repeat authors!
  14. QUESTIONS:  If you have any additional questions, please contact us by email, phone, or text and we will do our best to help you on this path. We are here to motivate you to finish that book you’ve always wanted to write. (801) 635-4821
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