Deborah Dennis

“For all of you writers and want to be authors, I would like to introduce to you my dear friend, Karen Kline Christoffersen. She is the owner of Bookwise Publishing. My book, The Road to Credit Repair … Turn Your Debt into a Positive Net was the first book she assisted with self-publishing in 2007. She is awesome! I thoroughly recommend her. If you are wanting to publish a book, look her up and visit her Bookwise Publishing page. If your dream and vision is to write a book, call Karen. She will get you started. I still use her today for my business cards, business printing, brochure design, and mass printing. You cannot beat her prices. When I ran for political office, she handled all of my printing needs, campaign designs, door knob hangers, post cards, and marketing literature. She is smart, diligent, and meticulous. Don’t shy away from publishing your book. If you feel you have a story to tell, contact Karen. She will work with you to make it happen.”

Cheri McDonald PhD

“The designers at BookWise Publishing have a unique talent with book design, including an intuitive ability to create in-depth perspective which synchronizes magically with the message the author intends share. They are efficient, timely, and all at an affordable cost.”

Dr. Michael J. Kaye

“If you are looking for a book designer that captures the essence of your book, I would look no further than the designers at BookWise Publishing. Not only do they create amazing book covers, they also guide you along the way with tactful input. What I appreciated most working was their expediency with respect to communication and editing. One of their greatest attributes is the ability to listen to their clients. I highly recommend BookWise Publishing for your next project.”

Ken Brailsford

“I can’t say enough good about the folks at BookWise Publishing. Their project management team pushed the timetable, making everything come together. I loved working with them! My book never would have seen the light of day without them and I look forward to working with BookWise on future projects.”

Wendy Schenk Benson

“The process of designing and arranging my book was actually exciting and fun with BookWise Publishing. They have a knack for understanding what their clients want, creating the perfect graphics, and delivering on time. I am absolutely thrilled with my entire book design.”

Roslyn Romney Reynolds

“The designers at BookWise Publishing have been wonderful to work with. I had a very specific mood I wanted to create with the cover of my book, and although I had found a photo that I felt was perfect, I could not conceive a way to make a title fit on the photo. I presented their designers with the photo, and they came back with a cover that is better than anything I could have dreamed. Everyone I show my book to says, “I love your cover!”  It expresses perfectly the optimism and hope I wanted to convey, and I am thrilled with their design. I plan on using BookWise Publishing for all my future projects!”

Joan Ripley

“BookWise Publishing has exceptional designers and graphic artists. They responded promptly to all questions and requests for changes as we progressed on the book cover. They brought their artistic talents to the various projects to make them look beautiful and professional while listening to my input and honoring my vision.”

Roger Muir

“My book, Like Father, Like Son?, was brought to life thanks to the expertise of the book designers at BookWise Publishing. Allowing me to use my own ideas but coaching me along the way on concepts necessary to maintain professionalism and respect within the industry. I highly recommend their work.”

Dale Bartlett

“The designers at BookWise Publishing are amazing! If you’re like me and you think you can do this on your own, think again. As a self published author, their designers took our book and turned it from ordinary to extraordinary, inside and out. Their eye for detail and ability to see the whole picture was transformational. Sometimes it isn’t easy to let go of “your” idea and concept as it was for me, but I trusted BookWise Publishing and the end result was incredible.”

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