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As much as  2020 was full of surprises, 2021 was even more eventful. Yet, one group of resourceful individuals continued to come out of the woodwork--writers and authors!

Since 2007 when I was literally gifted by one of my dearest friend with BookWise Publishing, I've loved it. Authors are the most amazing people in the world, filled with ideas, beliefs, different points of view, and the deep desire to share them with US!

Now, they are learning, with me, the importance of marketing and selling their books. We are exploring all of the social media platforms, along with how to use mailing lists and posts on social media to sell. We will begin to become more active with effective paid advertisements in 2022.

Having owned and operated a full-service ad agency, Chrisco Media Services, since 1985,  I've produced all kinds of advertising. But advertising is not marketing. It is an entirely different animal. I and my authors have been on an adventure to master social media and all of the many new online marketing tools to sell books, beginning with building email lists and finding ways to network and collaborate with other authors to combine efforts for more reach.

We are all realizing the massive value of having a book/author website, are creating podcasts and video trailers (which I have done for years for advertising clients and always touted), and finding new and innovative ways to find more readers to enjoy these books. Audiobooks have become huge and BookWise Publishing is producing several every month . . .affordably.

So, let's move past the doom and gloom of  the past two years and movie on to a new outlook and attitude for 2022.

Below are a few of the most current offerings from BookWise Publishing (available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Apple Books, Ingram, and many independent bookstores across America.

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