January 2022 Goals

Yes, it’s time to set goals, but more than that, it is time to PLAN YOUR LIFE.

Whether you plan to begin or finish your book, plan to record an audio version, since so many readers are now listening to their books, or just to concentrate on how to get your book(s) out where people who really do want them can find them, this is your chance to make a fresh start.

If you need help in the form of actual physical publishing aspects of this process or just a short (or longer) consultation, I am here. I love what I do. I love my authors. And my goal is to find a way to accomplish their goals. Their joy and happiness in this process bring ME joy. That’s why I do this.

So call, email, text, whatever . . . I am here an have a feeling I’m going to live a LONG time. One of my favorite authors, a physic medium (the real deal) was one of the first Covid deaths January two years ago, told me I would live a long life. She could be right. But then again, that Budweiser truck could mow me down crossing the street! Who knows?

But for now, reach out and tell me how I can help: (801) 635-4821, chrisbizzz@comcast. net, or karen@bookwisepublishing.com.

Let’s have some fun in 2020,

Big kiss to you all,


2021 Here We Come!

Good News

Start your book today with as little as $250. BookWise Publishing will work with you wherever you are on your timeline, from concept through uploading it for sale on all the retail websites. We can make the process affordable and you own your book. We work with big budgets and tiny ones and we do every kind of book you can think of. We even did a bathtub book made of plastic foam-filled pages! We even do books with authors who trade services. My financial advisor (whose book we did ten years ago called Financial Freedom, Greg Kesten) just traded his expert advice for creating a full-color book of all of his journal entries from his mission to Samoa back in the 70s, and it included hundreds of photos. Whew!

So, as I said, start today. Whether it’s a print-on-demand book (they can be perfect bound, hardcover, jacketed or not, casebound, spiral-bound, whatever!), an eBook, an audiobook, a video trailer, we will do it and help you promote it.

I’ve had a motto since I launched my first business, a full-service ad agency called Chrisco Media Services (which I have operated since September 1985), “I won’t waste your money if you don’t waste my time.” BookWise Publishing is ready for whatever your needs require.

Karen K Christoffersen, owner and CEO

Karen Christoffersen

2020 to be a Blockbuster Year

BookWise Publishing is now accepting new authors! We have been so busy for the last two years that we have not been able to open our doors as often as we had in the past. Take advantage of this opportunity to begin your novel, your self-help book, your memoir, your anthology of poetry, whatever your heart desires! We are here to help and to make it an affordable and pleasurable experience!