January 30, 2021

BookWise Publishing just released the third novel in The Munnari Chronicles, The Munnari War,  by ML Bellante. It was so much fun to do this book and see it actually come alive with Josh Brothers' voice! Continue reading the saga with The Man with Munnari Eyes, Munnari Ascending, and The Munnari War all available on

Print, ebook, and audiobook available at!

Character Boosters, third book in the Boosters Series by Brent R. Evans: Book 1: IQ Boosters, Book 2:  Christmas Boosters; Book 4: Friendship Boosters coming Summer 2021; All on Amazon!

Enrich your life and that of everyone in your family by developing a positive difference in the world you live in the very first day you start Character Boosters. Learn why character traits and success habits have such a huge impact on school and life success. Discover how easy and fun it is to develop all 52 positive character traits and make character building a habit. Use the power of character boosting vocabulary, affirmations, quotations, poems, stories, metaphors, everyday activities, objects, and games and enrich your family experience while building memories that will last lifetimes and generations.


September 2020

Nobody Knows: They Just Want You to Think They Do debuted in September 2020, Second Edition. Larry Camp's excellent book is now supported by his equally excellent podcasts Nobody Knows Your Story! Listen to the amazing stories of real people like me and you, literally . . . Larry interviewed me on October 2, 2020. I recommend all of his other podcasts . . . skip mine, LOL.

Nobody Knows: They Just Want You to Think They Do by Larry Camp on

This is the memoir of a guy who has his head in all the right places. Larry takes you on a journey through his life with wit and humor, insight, and more. He examines life through personal experiences and very interesting observations. Even if you don’t agree with his point of view, you’ll appreciate where he comes from and you may even begin to examine why you believe what you do.

And more!

May I Please Have Some Teddy Bear Pancakes? by Sherry Oneida; purchase at and adults alike will LOVE this little book! Expect more books from author, Sherry Oneida, in her series of fun life experiences  growing up with her two little boys.